Preeti to Unicode Converter

Preeti font is one of the most popular font commonly used for publishing purpose in context of Nepal or Nepali Language. Publishing the text written using preeti font is possible but with hard assumptions that the client will have a preeti font installed. If client don't have preeti font installed on their computer then the client can only see random shuffled english characters. So to solve the problem, web has de facto standard encoding called unicode. But typing in unicode is hard, also we have practiced typing in preeti for long time. So to bridge the gap between traditional Nepali keyboard layout and the de facto standard unicode, we need a conversion between two world. This tool provides a easy way to convert between the two scheme. To convert from preeti to unicode, paste the preeti text in the first box. And then press the convert button to convert it to unicode. Also make sure you have installed the preeti font.
If there are somesort of mismapping going on, do remember to mail me here
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